2019 - Solar Milling Machine for the Women of Sutukoba in the Gambia

this success story project has led to the creation of Groundnut Association

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2019 - Upgrade Solar mill with Battery and Inverter

Because of the raining season, the solar milling machine worked only half an hour a day. To stabilize its power, we upgraded the solar machine with a battery and an inverter. This has allowed the machine to work efficiently as the power supply is stable during low radiation conditions (clouds). The cost to upgrade the solar milling machine quoted by Gam Solar Energy was €2300.

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2020- Support to Sutukoba Rice Farms Association

In June 2020 Groundnut made a financial support of €650 to help the Rice Farmers Association of Sutukoba purchase additional Diesel for their existing water pump used to irrigate their rice field. This additional energy was needed to increase the water flow from the river which level has become very low due to the dry season