Yasmina Barka

Executive Secretary and Founder

Yasmina has worked for an International Organisation. She is the co-founder of a UN employees association named The Help Fund which has financed more than 300 small scale educational projects in developing countries.

Sana F.K. Jatta

Chairperson and Founder

Sana has retired as Director of East and Southern Africa of IFAD (UN Agency based in Rome). He is now the CEO of Jaatoli Enterprise based in the Gambia.

Susan E. Jones

Vice-Chair and Founder

Susan has worked for international organisations in Belgium, Italy and the United States. She also spent four years living in Africa. She is now retired and the author of three novels.

Alessandra Nigri

Treasurer and Founder

Alessandra is a Financial Advisor with an extensive experience in the sector. She advocates for a culture that denies all violence against women and for their economic and social empowerment

Mary Heys

Executive Member and Founder

Sabel Ndure

Executive Member and Founder